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marriage & Family therapy
Discussions are always better than arguments,
because an argument is to find out who is right
and a discussion is to find out what is right.
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We are a group of caring professionals who believe treatment should be a collaboration that includes your values, the latest research and our expertise. We are committed to helping you and your family members make lasting change in your lives.

Genesight Testing / Medication DNA

Genetic testing has been gaining popularity over the last several years. When people think of genetic testing, they usually associate it with finding out their ancestry or determining if they’re predisposed to developing certain medical conditions. However, another area that is getting attention recently is genetic testing for mental health medications. This informative approach to optimizing a person’s mental health makes our genetic testing a smart approach for many people.

TOVA Testing / ADHD

It is a computer-based test made up of two parts: visual and auditory. The test measures how quickly and accurately a person responds to the visual and auditory stimuli. The test will take up to an hour. The results of the TOVA Test is a tool that doctors can use to better diagnose and treat their patients.