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We found Dr. Sievert and his staff to be very helpful.
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I have been a client of this practice for years and I always have an amazing experience when I need their services.
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I am very satisfied with Dr. Sieverts office. The office staff was very professional and humble.
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Dr. Aviv has become one of the most influential people in my life. When I first met her, I was lost and had lost all hope in life, all confidence in myself, and even the will to live. Over time, she was able to help me to heal, regain my strength, and get my life back. For the first time in years, I’m ME again, and in large part, that is due to her. 

MM, Physician

Thank you Randy Callahan. May GODS favor be with you always. 

Oma G.

I love Deborah, She has changed my Life. She’s understanding, knowledgeable and caring. 

Michele W.

Its Zack, and I’m thanking Deborah now because I appreciate all you have done for me. You’re Amazing! 


I was referred to them by my co-worker who loved them.
Beautiful Facility, and Friendly Staff. I have had no issues with service. Everyone is so professional, kind and considerate and really take the time to answer all my questions.The NP listens to your concerns and respects you. I don’t have to wait an hour to be seen like most offices. The most I have waited was 10 mins, on a busy day.

Emilee S.

The care I have received at Dr. Sievert’s has been outstanding especially from Deborah Moore, N.P. Deborah takes the time to really listen to what I have to say about my health. She provides a lot of information about the drugs she is prescribing and how they might interact with other prescriptions I am taking which I appreciate very much. Deborah has given me referrals to other professionals for related illnesses that have the same high level of ethics and treatment that she does. I have also seen other members of the staff including Dr. Sievert and highly recommend them as well. 

Laura Poindexter

I am very satisfied with Dr. Sieverts office. The office staff was very professional and humble. Every time I come in to the office the staff greets me with a big smile and always makes me feel comfortable. They truly care about their patients. I would definitely recommend the office to anyone that needed the comfort and support. 

Nelli Kay

I have been a client of this practice for years and I always have an amazing experience when I need their services. From the ladies up front to the Doctors practicing their expertise I have always been treated with respect and care. Suzanna, the Office Manager, is always willing to help no matter how small the issue and goes above and beyond to provide the best service possible; dealing with her is always a joy. Dr. Aviv is the best therapist around and she has helped change my life. I will forever be in debt to her. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone that is looking for professional mental health services. I will continue to be a client of their’s for years to come. 

Michael Spears

The staff was friendly and did their job in a professional manner, friendly, knowledgeable and they take time with you and I never feel rushed! The facility is nice and adequate parking. Highly recommend!!! 

Alexis Subia

Dr. Sievert and staff are very professional. Deborah Moore has gone above and beyond to fit me in her schedule, even staying late to accommodate me. Words cannot express my appreciation for the wonderful work they do. 

Michelle K.

Deborah Moore is an excellent doctor, she’s helped me feel sane and has a good understanding of what her patients need. I’m giving this office 5 stars because she’s a wonderful person and doctor. 

Logan Schafer

Always professional, helpful and courteous. The vitamin B12 injections are worth, $25. Good stuff. 

Erik Vaughn Stott

Dr. Sievert and his staff are superb. I see by the reviews some people don’t understand the nature of psychiatry. For actual treatment you see a psychologist and for psychiatric emergencies and meds you see a psychiatrist. Dr. Sievert sees you every three or four months to check to see how your meds are working and to offer different doses or new more efficacious medications. He took me as a patient twenty years ago during a crisis in my life when I couldn’t get another psychiatrist to even talk to me. There are few psychiatrists in this area and fewer good ones. Dr. Sievert is the best and you should feel lucky you have him as your doc. Also, every front office screws up now and then. If some paper work is late just keep on them till it gets done. 

Albert Newton

I have been 3 different psychiatry offices and this is one of the better ones in the valley. The staff are courteous and professional. I have been to offices where the doctor never received my messages regarding my symptoms and or the office neglected to put my appointment on the schedule even though I had scheduled an appointment 2 months in advance. 

Mike Perez

Hello front office staff. I told you I would write a review today. I never write reviews. I have had a rough year tragedy, after tragedy and issues with myself and really needed to see the Dr today and there was an accident that was going to prevent me from making it on time to my appointment. but the Dr, and the staff in the front worked it out to make sure I saw the Dr. I just started coming here but he treats you as he has known you for years.He is kind, and doesn’t act cocky, he really listens to you and has years of experience. I will keep him as a Dr. He doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It look a lot for my to see a psychiatrist. However, I’m glad that I have him and a shot out to Dalila, and Lily. They are so nice and willing to help you. Thanks you guys. 

Jamel Rowlands

Their staff and doctor’s are excellent. They offer genetic testing for finding the right meds for your condition and they ask how you are feeling on current meds. They are Psychiatrists NOT MFTs or Psychologists. If you want talk therapy you need to go to an MFT or a Psychologist to talk about your problems. If you need medication assessment you go to a Psychiatrist. 

Adela Rabson

I found Dr. Sievert and his staff to be very helpful. 

Gabriel Moreno

Deeply empathetic, generous, caring, a excellent staff. Dwight SIEVERT MD is board certified neurologist, and has advanced certification in several categories. His experience in clinical PSYCHIATRY =+35years 

T Lawson

Dr Sievert saved my life. I believe his entire office has contributed to the success of my emotional well-being. I have been improperly diagnosed, for over 20 years. Upon my initial 1 hour consultation, Deborah Moore, sat in on the appointment so she would be able to hear the proper diagnosis and treatment moving forward. I wholeheartedly believe that, Dr Sievert is one of the very few psychiatrists in the Central Valley and surrounding cities, that have insight on the overall picture of mental health. After being properly diagnosed, I now see Deborah Moore. Deborah is efficient, prompt, and can gauge my well- being through my monthly visits. Through recommendations from Deborah, I have found another gem within the office, Dr. Avive. I have been in therapy for 20 years, and not once have I seen a visible empathy on a doctor while you share struggles. Dr Avive is a life tour guide. She guides you through the safest and best ways to achieve positive in your life. Despite many difficult triumphs…she will never stop guiding; she won’t ever tell you how to get there, because you figure it out together…she is on the journey with you.
The front desk staff, appointment and billing departments, have given me the opportunities to have great experiences. Without them listening to my needs, I would not be channeled properly. I commend them. Personally, it would be very difficult for me to see on a daily basis, women and men, coming in to seek mental help. The courage it takes one whom wants to make their lives better; desperate and sometimes destitute, the front desk staff is non-judge mental. Each one of them are commendable, and should be made into examples of how genuine humility exists in all areas of psychiatric, customer service establishments. 

Rachel Monaco